Adam Mayer

Web Design Specialist



Website & Marketing

Speculo – a local glassblowing studio located in the caesarea port led by 3 incredible entrepreneurs.

We created a unique online experience tailored to their needs, allowing customers to easily find what they want, and discover new fascinating activities

Ilan Dror

Website & Marketing 

Ilan is an israeli architect with over 50 projects and 20 years of experience to his name

I Created a website that reflects Ilan’s unique personality and creativity,

enticing prospecting customers to engage with his brand online

Malki Levin

Website Development


Online Catalogue – Blog


Branding – Website Development


Online Shop. Branding. Product Design. Marketing.

Euroline Israel

Website & Branding

Euroline is a well known global brand, manufacturing, selling, and installing energy efficient aluminum products for the construction industry.

They presented me with the unique challenge of designing a modern website that will be a foundation upon which to build their authority in Israel.

Together we faced that challenge, and created a beautiful system, that make the selling process so simple. its like shopping for a new shoe online.


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